Ghost of Kyiv - Mechs for Ukraine fundraiser KeyBee (Group Buy)

$50 AUD

Group Buy running from the 3rd May - 3rd June and is estimated to ship in Q3 2022


Material: Aluminum
Manufacturing Process: CNC Milling
Finish: White coating
Infilling: Enamel, 2 Color


This cap features a fighter jet split in two to symbolize the flag of Ukraine. The design was inspired by the "Ghost of Kyiv" fighter pilot. They are said to be a flying ace that has defended the city throughout the war with exquisite skills.

The artisan features an aluminum coated body, with an enamel infilling featuring the colors of the Ukrainian flag. 

All vendors on the project will be donating profits to the Mechs for Ukraine fundraiser, either through KBM (KeyBee Manufacturing) or their own entity at their discretion. KBM will also be donating their profits to the fundraiser!

Not in Oceania?

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