SP-111 R2 Keyboard

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Options SP-111 R2 Keyboard Kit - Grey

Designed by BlindAssassin111 this split keyboard is making a return for the second time.

  • The board has a typing angle of 7 degrees (no tenting ability built into the case)
  • The left side weighs 1.27 Kg (2.,80 lb), and the right side weighs 1.11 Kg (2.45 lb). This is without pcbs, switches or caps; there are no weights, just case and plate.
  • The board interconnect is Type-C.
  • The board connects to the PC via Type-C as well.
  • RGB LED indicators on the left half.
  • 32u4 MCU on both left and right PCBs, the left always being the master side.
  • 1.6mm Solder PCB only (hotswap has interference issues that would prevent the option)
  • Top and Bottom Case
  • Black alu plates
  • PC light pipe
  • 1x LHS PCB and 1x RHS PCB
  • Screws
  • Black silicone feet
  • Carrying case
  • USB-C to USB-C interconnect cable