TKD Cycle7 - Wireless Keyboard Kit

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Color Crow - Anodized
Weight Purple PVD Stainless Steel
Layout WKL

VERTEX and EQUALZ founded TKD in Nov 2022, and while they've been working on their projects together, they've been talking about keyboard customization as much as they did when they first met.

"I love typing."

"Impressed by certain design details."

"Various combinations and customizations always surprise me."


It's "simple joy." 

  • 70%/FRL (357x119x32.5mm) 
  • 2 ways of gasket mounted
  • 7° Typing slope
  • 18.20mm front height (not including feet thickness)
  • Anodization (5 Colors)/TKD Coating (7 Colors) for keyboard cases
  • Sandblasting finishing for internal weight
  • SS sandblasting, SS mirror polishing, or SS mirror PVD (6 colours) for external weight and LED Module (colour matches with weight option)
  • Keyboard top and bottom case x1
  • Keyboard bag x1
  • ALU Plate x1
  • Wireless Hotswap PCB x1
  • Equalz V3 stabilizer x1
  • Silicon Gasket Bean set x1
  • Silicon Gasket strip set x1
  • Dampener (under PCB) x1
  • Dampener (in between PCB and Plate) x1
  • Dampener (for bottom case) x1
  • Silicon plug set (for PCB cut) x1
  • Keyboard feet set x1
  • Type-c cable x1
  • 2 in 1 puller x1
  • Layout: WK/WKL