C³Equalz V3 Screw-In Stabiliser Kits

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Colour Lavender

C³Equalz brings you a new and improved stabiliser. Now featuring narrowed gaps in-between components in order to reduce rattle and gasket silencing pads to aid in further removing unwanted noise. They come with pre-clipped stems. The housing better protects the wires. SwitchKeys is proud to be representing C3s latest offering.

  • Pre-clipped stems.
  • Improved housing which protects wires.
  • Attaches to PCB with screws.
  • Reduced gaps between components for reduced wobble and rattle.
  • Gasket silencing pads
  • Includes a pack of the hugely popular C3 Equalz Soulmates

    Stab Set Includes:

    • 10x Housings
    • 10x Stems
    • 4x 2u Bars
    • 1x 6.25u Bar
    • 1x 7u Bar
    • 10 Copper Screws 
    • Washers
    • 10 Sets of separate silencer pads
    • 10 Sets of steel wire silencing pads
    • 10 Stabilising pads for steel wire