Freebird TKL - Extras

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Product type Other
Variant Silicone Dampener


KFA's first keyboard project, the FreeBird60 had a lot of interest, so they decided to make "FreeBird" a series of good quality & affordable keyboards! 

This product is specifically for those wanting to add extra plates, PCB's, dampeners or a carrying case to their Freebird TKL group buy order (or buy them separately). Optional add-on's include:
  • FB TKL Hot-swappable ANSI PCB (Both QMK & Via Compatible) [MX Only]
  • FB TKL Hot-swappable ISO PCB (Both QMK & Via Compatible) [MX Only] (image coming soon which will include the layout for the PCB)
  • FB TKL Switch Plate (Universal) available in POM, Black FR4, PC, Brass or Aluminum
  • Silicone Dampener
  • O-ring
  • Carrying case (image coming soon)

Freebird TKL for purchase HERE