Turquoise Tealios V2 Linear Switches 63.5g (x10)


Switches come bundled in 10. You will need around 70 for 60/65% keyboards, and around 100 for TKL.

Switch Type: Linear. Smooth all the way to the end.

Tealios come in 1 variant. The spring weight is rated at "bottom out" force, not actuation! Our Tealios have been tweaked with wobble reduction and improved smoothness compared to regular Gateron linears. 

  • 63.5g - Jewellery Box Blue, Light Teal-Blue Stem, PCB Mount [Linear]

Turquoise Tealios feature a vibrant blue housing and stem, carefully matched to be a vivid and colorful switch that everyone knows and loves.

Please note that PCB mounted switches can still be used in many plate mounted keyboards. As long as your PCB underneath has 2 extra holes next to the center post, it will support PCB Mounted switches and add extra rigidity to your build. If your PCB does not have the extra holes, then you can simply cut the small plastic legs off to make them Plate-Mount!


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