C3 Equalz

C³Equalz x TKC Switch Puller

$12 AUD

C³Equalz X TKC keyboard switch puller makes removing switches from hot-swap keyboards a breeze.


  • SHARP DESIGN: Efficient for optimal comfort  to extract mechanical keyboard switches from hot swap keyboard PCBs
  • DISTINCT HOOKS: Firmly grasp chips without damaging them
  • DURABLE HOUSING: Stainless steel construction
  • INCLUDES: (1) C³Equalz X TKC Switch Puller

Designed to extract Mechanical keyboard switches from the interchangeable sockets otherwise known as 'Hot-swap' from the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly portion of the Mechanical keyboard. Not all mechanical keyboard assemblies are designed in this manner.

***Prior to attempting to extract keyboard switches please ensure that the PCB is in fact Hot swap capable so as to not compromise pin solder points. 

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