Alexandrite Linear Switches (x10)

$8 AUD

Switches come bundled in 10. You will need around 70 for 60/65% keyboards, and around 100 for TKL.

The third switch in the Ashkeebs line-up, Alexandrite linear switches aim for a smooth stock typing experience and thocky acoustic. Following our previous switch nomenclature, Alexandrite is a stone that appears bluish green in daylight or fluorescent light, and purplish red at night, tying in perfectly with our brand colours. The UPE stem and HPE top housing combination allow for a nice, smooth keypress, and the Nylon bottom housing gives the switch a solid, thocky bottom-out. These switches are provided with no factory lube for a consistent stock typing experience, however as with lubing most linears, we recommend 205g0 applied to the bottom housing and stem, with GPL 105 or your choice of oil for the springs. This will help to deepen the sound further and guarantee a super smooth keypress.

  • Linear switch with 58g stainless steel spring
  • Designed by Ashkeebs
  • Top Housing:  HPE
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • Stem: UPE long pole
  • Non-factory lubed.
  • PCB mount.
  • Manufactured by Tecsee.


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