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Color Midnight
Style WK

Design Inspiration - From the designer 'JJW'

"This project was originally named "Phase", referencing the changes and phases that we can go through. Our perspectives on our current obsessions, hobbies, careers, and/or all of the above can completely change over time in ways that are only seen in hindsight. As I spent dozens to hundreds of hours working on this project, it occurred to me that my time with keyboards was possibly just a phase. It was eventually given the updated moniker "Moment" to preserve its time-focused theme while avoiding any existing naming conflicts.

Having been over two years since its initial draft, this project now represents the defining Moment where I decided to step deeper into the world of keyboard design. For me, it has now become an important reminder that some seemingly insignificant moments shouldn't be taken for granted - they can become so much more."

Mounting System

"Moment uses a 'half-isolation' gasket mount. While similar to existing full isolation gasket mounts, Moment is slightly different in the sense that at no point is the plate sandwiched between two poron strips. The plate assembly rests on top of isolation strips without the typical downward compression from another set of gaskets. In theory, this allows the plate tabs to bend with subtly increased freedom, allowing a more flexible typing feel without complete reliance on the compression of foam gaskets."

Colours and Layouts

  • Colours for this keyboard were chosen to be reminiscent of the sky during the day's quieter hours of transition, tying together the themes of time and being present in every fleeting moment.
  • The following colours will be available in WKL, HHKB, and WK: E-White, Dawn (Faded Blue), Dusk (Faded Purple), and Midnight (Dark Grey).


In order to complete your kit you will need to add a Plate and PCB to your cart!
Addons Available - Get these here!!!

  • Solder PCBs Hotswap PCBs
  • Daughterboard + JST Cable
  • FR4 Full Plate
  • PP Half plate
  • PP Full Plate
  • Forged CF Half Plate
  • Aluminum Half Plate
  • PC Full Plate
  • Extra Gaskets
  • Foam Dampening Kit

    Regional Vendors:


      • Layout - 60% (FULL / WKL / HHKB)
      • Mount - Half-gasket Isolation
      • Materials - Aluminum 6063, Stainless Steel (Sandblasted)
      • Weight - 1.7kg / 3.7lbs
      • Typing Angle - 7°
      • Front Height - 17.9mm (22.2mm EKH)
      • Moment Keyboard Case with Sandblasted Steel Weight
      • Daughterboard + JST Cable
      • Alignment Pins
      • Custom Silicone Feet
      • Gaskets
      • Hardware (Screws)
      • CannonKeys Hard Foam Carrying Case
      • Microfiber Cloth

      A-Stock units should not have any external scratches or egregious marks seen when built. Any internal flaws and marks (including hook marks) that are not seen when built do not constitute a B-Stock unit.