Qwertykeys QK75N - In-Stock

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Variant Circuit - Anodized Black

SwitchKeys has partnered with QwertyKeys to bring you the hotly-anticipated QK75N! This new 75% keyboard aims to create a more simplified build process and an enjoyable typing experience at an incredible price, and has been met with widespread critical acclaim from members of the community!


  • Finishing quality is improved, and the case surface will be the smoothest and most beautiful of any QK product ever.
  • The knob cluster and mini screen are multi-purpose and can be customized on QK Config
  • The badge can be easily replaced with 7 outstanding designs
  • Improved Gasket mount PCB structure with 30 duro gasket, more optimal gasket mounting position provides better typing experience and sound
  • The magnetic connection port replaces the ribbon cable to make assembly easier, avoiding broken wires during disassembly and installation.
  • Stable 3-mode PCB connection and 2 2200mAh batteries for good usage time


  • From feedback about the QK75, the arrow key cluster is designed to be adjacent to the left cluster, making the overall key look more harmonious and balanced. The R1 row will no longer have 1.5u buttons, compatible with more keycap sets.
  • Combining the rotary knob that many users love on the QK75 with the mini screen on the QK100, gives the QK75N a convenient media control panel. The knob part supports both rotation and pressing, and the screen displays time, connection, and battery status. You can completely customize these functions with QK Config

  • The badge is easy to remove and also has a slot to store the dongle, you don't need to worry about losing the dongle when you often move.

        • Layout: 75%
        • Mounting Style: PCB gasket Mount
        • Typing Angle: 7°
        • Front Edge Height: 18.3 mm
        • Weight: ~1.5 kg unbuilt, ~2.0kg full build
        • Top Case + Bottom Case + Battery Compartment + External Weight
        • Themed Badge - Installed
        • Rotary Knob - Installed
        • Tri-Mode Non-Flex-Cut PCB
        • POM Plate
        • Poron Case Foam
        • PCB Daughterboard - Installed
        • Mini Screen + Screen Daughterboard - Installed
        • Silicone Gaskets
        • Rubber Feet
        • Backup Screws

        Free Gifts (Not covered by warranty):

        • A set of 75% Owlstab v2
        • Keyboard protective case
        • Screwdriver
        • Switch + keycap puller
        • Coiled USB-C cable