Qwertykeys QK80 - Barebones

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Case/Weight/Badge WKL Black/Sandblasted Chroma/Blank

SwitchKeys has partnered with QwertyKeys to bring you the hotly-anticipated QK80! This 80% keyboard aims to create an enjoyable typing experience at an incredible price, and has been met with widespread critical acclaim from members of the community!


These units are pre-kitted, they all come with a Tri-mode PCB, POM Plate and Badge as detailed.

PCB Link
Plate Link

          • Keyboard Profile – 80% (7.5° Angle)
          • Mounting Method – Gasket.
          • Front  Height - 17mm
          • Size: length * width = 356.6mm * 135.6mm
          • Weight: around 1.75kg, 2.2kg after built
          • Firmware:

          - 3 Mode PCB - Our proprietary software - to provide better compatibility to wireless experience and set a foundation for more exciting features in future products, we decided to take a step forward from QMK-based firmware on the wireless PCB. Just like anything brand new, it may be hard to adapt initially, but we are looking to provide all the essential features for QK80 buyers.

          • Case (Top + Bottom + Stainless Steel external weight + Stainless Steel internal weight)
          • Gaskets
          • Trimode PCB including a 2.4G USB dongle, PE sheet and Poron PCB foam
          • PCB daughterboard + JST Cable
          • Poron case foam
          • POM Plate
          • Rubber case feet
          • Stainless Steel Badge
          • All necessary screws for assembly

          The below items are not part of the official parts list but are included as free gifts to make the building easier. If those are not included or are damaged, we will NOT provide replacement or reimbursement.

          • Qwertykeys carrying case
          • Qwertykeys coiled USB-C cable
          • A set of 80% Liquidmetal® Owlstabs V2
          • Screwdriver
          • Build Guide & Discord QR code card
          • Battery housing foam
          • Keycap puller
          • Switch puller