TKD Cycle 8 - Keyboard Kit (Group Buy)

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Cycle 8 is the second kit after the Cycle 7. It is an 80% keyboard kit and continues the design language and philosophy of Cycle 7. It is still an entry-level product that pursues high completion but has undergone a new round of improvements in production difficulty and process processing.

It follows the bead-shaped quick-release structure on Cycle 7 and uses independent CNC to customize the quick-release components to be more in line with the TKL frame proportions.

This work has enriched more design details. Compared with the previous work, and as a TKL-sized keyboard, we have injected more content into Cycle8.

Content: loop light bar, detachable weight block, new PC plate, rich configuration options and new HE version of PCB (by Rakka);

Finally, Cycle 8 will also be the final work of TKD’s Cycle series, which means that subsequent TKD projects will be developed with new design concepts.

The group buy will run from July 12th until July 31st or until unit allocations are exhausted. Units are expected to deliver October 2024

  • Keyboard Size: 80%/TKL (357.20x140.46x33.45mm)
  • Mounting Methods: 2 types of plate Gasket mount (can be switched)
  • Slope and front height: 8° FH=17.50mm/EKH=19.66mm (excluding the feet);
  • Weight: 2.15+kg (unassembled)/2.60kg+
    (completely assembled);
  • Kit body x1 set
  • Keyboard bag x1
  • Plate x1 piece
  • PCB x1
  • PCB Mount Stabilisers x1 set
  • Gasket silicone beans x1 set
  • Gasket silicone o-ring x1 set
  • Foam Kit (IXPE Sheet, Plate Foam, Case Foam) x1 set
  • Feet x1 set