Zealios V1 Redux Tactile Switch (x10)

$13.50 AUD

Switches come bundled in 10. You will need around 70 for 60/65% keyboards, and around 100 for TKL.

"Do you remember our Zealio V1s? Do you miss typing on a medium tactile switch with a bump mid way through the keypress?
There has been a lack of medium tactile switches lately, so we are looking forward to fill in that gap once again.
It has been three years since the retirement of our original Zealio V1 switches. We are excited to announce and bring back the switch that spearheaded the boutique switch market back in 2015!" - ZealPC


  • 67g Bottom Out
  • 5 Pin "PCB Mount"
  • Fully Opaque Nylon Housing
  • POM Stem
  • OG Zealio V1 Stem Mold
  • Medium Tactile, Bump Mid-Travel
  • Two Pin Through Hole LED Support
  • No SMD LED Cutout Underneath For Optimum Switch Acoustics, aka "thock"


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