Neo70 - Keyboard Kit (Pre-Order)

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Case Colour White - Spray Coated
Weight White

SwitchKeys has partnered with QwertyKeys to bring you the Neo70! This 70% keyboard aims to create an enjoyable typing experience at an incredible price, and has been met with widespread critical acclaim from members of the community!


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Unibody Case

Derived from the Neo65 but specifically designed for the FRL TKL layout, the unibody case of the Neo70 exemplifies the elegance of minimalism while offering a sturdy foundation for effortless assembly.

Function keys are separated from the alphas to minimize potential hollow sounds and allow for individual adjustment. The cover plate above the arrow keys is attached using magnets, making it easy to remove the PCB whenever needed.

Neat Side Profile

We chose an inward-sloping edge to complement the minimal design on the front. This also makes it easier to pick up the keyboard.

2-Step Effortless Disassembly

We believe that providing an easy assembly/disassembly experience is crucial for making mechanical keyboards more accessible, which is always a top priority in our product design. Building upon the feedback we received from the Neo65, we have further simplified the disassembly process of the Neo70 into 2 steps: removing the badge, which is attached to the case using magnets, and pushing out the PCB.

Magnetic Connectors

Ribbon cables have long been a source of frustration for keyboard enthusiasts, which is also the main complaint we received for the Neo65. To address this issue and enable the 2-step disassembly, we replaced the ribbon cables with magnetic connectors. These connectors automatically connect and disconnect when you insert and remove the PCB.

Dual-Mounting System

Same as the Neo65, the Neo70 supports both PCB gasket mount and gummy O-ring mount in the alpha section (not compatible with plateless configurations). The gaskets have been further upgraded to be more durable.


Pre-Orders will be collated at the end of each month and are expected to deliver 3 months from that time.

Typing angle: 8 degree

Front height: 17.5mm

Size: 356.5mm*107.8mm


- with aluminum weight: 0.89kg before building, 1.26kg after building

- with copper weight: 1.16kg before building, 1.53kg after building

- with stainless steel weight: 1.13KG before building, 1.5kg after building

  • Case
    - Including one pre-installed external weight of your choice
    - Including one pre-installed badge of your choice
    - One 3000mAh battery will be installed inside of the bottom case for orders with Tri-mode PCBs
    - Orders with wired PCBs or solder PCBs will receive fillers for the battery compartments
  • PCB Kit (added separately)
    - PCB of your choice
    - 1x PE sheet
    - 1x PCB Foam
    - Standoffs
    - Tri-mode PCB comes with a 2.4Ghz dongle
  • Plate of Your Choice or Plateless (added separately)
  • Poron Case Foam
  • PCB Daughterboard 3 - installed
  • Silicone Gaskets
  • O-ring (30 duro) x 1
  • Rubber feet

  • Free Gifts (Not covered by warranty):
    - Keyboard carrying case
    - 1x Keycap & Switch puller
    - 1 set of 70% PCB clip-in NeoStab
    - USB-C cable

As the Neo70 can be built plateless via the PCB mount gaskets, a plate is not required for that mounting method. However, if you want to build it using the gummy o-ring a plate is required.

A Plate is not included in the kit and must be added to the cart via the plates page