Group Buys, Pre-Orders & Retail Sales

So, you missed out on a group buy of your favourite set. What now? Well, we've got a couple of different ways you can get your hands on products as they head from production to shipping. Here's how it all works from start, to finish.

Group Buy:

This is the most cost effective but also lengthy way to order products. These usually have around a 4-5 month lead time from the timeframe the buy is open, but it's also the cheapest way to buy the product. When you order a product during group buy, you are essentially buying something which does not exist yet in order to get the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) above what is viable for production. As the product progresses along, we will keep you informed as to production and estimated dispatch dates.

Wave 2:

Wave 2 is a purchase window that occurs sometime after the group buy, but before the sets have landed in Australia. These are usually only a month or two before the sets land, so the window is quite short and the cost is only a small markup on the group buy pricing. If you've missed the group buy window, you can still get an opportunity to pre-order a set which is in production at a discounted rate over retail.


Products for sale that are in stock and immediately shipped. Turnaround time is almost immediate (Next day dispatch usually), with normal retail pricing. Products which do not have a [Group Buy], [Pre-Order] or [Wave 2] tag are in stock and are usually dispatched the same or next business day.