LAST UPDATED: September 17th, 2020

Here you will find the most up to date information regarding all pre-orders and Group Buys on SwitchKeys!


Also, as many of our products are produced by The Key Company, please see their updates page here that in many cases can answer most of your questions regarding shipping.


  • Tentaku's have been restocked.


  • GMK Future Funk: Has been pushed back to December
  • GMK Ursa: Currently in transit. ETD is 24/10
  • GMK Dark: Shipping some time in October
  • Infinikey Pastel scheduled to leave week commencing 14/09
  • Infinikey Isilander scheduled to leave week commencing 14/09
  • GMK Sumi: Keycaps no ETA. Deskmats no ETA.
  • Infinikey Strawberry Lemonade: GB ended 18/07/20. ETA Q4 2020
  • Infinikey Port: GB Ended 01/08/20. ETA Q1 2021
  • Infinikey 808-Boom GB ended 15/08/20. ETA Q1 2021
  • Kat Liche: Colour matching complete. Earliest ETD would be early 2021.


  • JWK
      • Tangerines: Restocking end September
      • Kiwi’s: In stock
      • Macho Switches: Stocking end September
  • Zeal
      • Tealios en route ETD 18th September
      • Turquoise Tealios (63.5g) en route ETD 18th September
  • Gateron
      • Gateron Milk Yellow: Scheduled for End September
      • Gateron Milky Blacks: Scheduled for End September


    • 205g0:  ETA September 24th
    • 3203: ETA September 24th
    • 105: Current stocks are still good. Once out of stock, will be a month delay as it is OOS in USA.


    • C3 Stabs: Re-stock coming end of September
    • GMK Screw in Stabs: No current ETA.


    • Keybjort: Have arrived. Awaiting delivery to your warehouse from local courier
    • Islander, Space Cheeze and Netizen Deskmats are arriving in the next week.


    • Panda Plushie: Completed. Will leave China soon.
    • SpaceCables: In transit. Due 24th