Cherry MX Black Clear-Top Switches (x10)

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Switches come bundled in 10. You will need around 70 for 60/65% keyboards and around 100 for TKL.

The Cherry MX-Black Clear Top switch represents a renaissance of the beloved "Nixie" switch, a highly regarded switch within the community also referred to as MX "Nixie." Originally developed for Nixdorf Computer AG in the 1980s, the Nixie switch had a limited production run spanning only a few years. However, this switch has now made a comeback, adhering to contemporary standards. Notably, the Black Clear Top switches exclusively incorporate a gold-plated steel spring, further enhancing their performance and durability.

  • Cherry MX Black Clear Top "Nixie" Switch 5-pin
  • Operating Force – 63.5cN
  • Pre Travel - 2.0mm
  • Travel - 4.0mm
  • Mount Pin - 5pins
  • Not factory lubed
  • Manufactured by Cherry

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