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Candybar Premium R3 - Extra plates and PCB's (Group Buy)

$45 AUD
Regular (Righty) or Southpaw (Lefty):
Plate or PCB:

Group Buy Dates: August 27 - Sep 27

ETA: April 2022

What is a Group Buy? 

[Please do not mix in-stock with Group Buy products, as we cannot guarantee the in-stock items will be available when the Group Buy products are ready to ship. We also cannot edit orders after close of Group Buy. Orders that contain Group Buy and In-Stock products will be cancelled.

Candybar Round 3 Plates and PCB's

CandyBar round 3 plates are offered in 2 different materials. Aluminum, or Carbon Fiber. Works with both Premium and Standard models from all generations.

Plate Details

  • Materials available
    • 5mm 6061 aluminum
    • 5mm Carbon Fiber
  • Right and Left (southpaw) variants
  • Legacy support to Candybar R1 (including standard) & R2
  • MX Compatible


  • Black Anodized Aluminum
  • E-white Aluminum
  • Violet Anodized Aluminum (Pantone Violet C)
  • Carbon Fiber (black weave)

Candybar Round 3 PCB Details

Want to design your own case and do something crazy? Sky's the limit! Grab an extra PCB here (plates sold separately).

One year non-transferrable warranty.

PCB Details

  • Kailh Hotswap sockets - NO SOLDERING REQUIRED
  • VIA compatible
  • Matte Black PCB with White Silkscreen
  • USB-C connection
  • ATmega32u4 MCU (new for R3)
  • QMK Firmware - Fully programmable layout
  • Right and Left (southpaw) versions available
  • Split Space, arrows, and many other layout options
  • Layouts can be filled with almost any 40% kit on the market. No unusual key sizes / row profiles

Layout Options

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