Kat Cat's Eye (In Production)

$45 AUD

Group Buy Ran from November 3rd - December 5th and is scheduled to ship in Q1 2022. 

About the set:

Cats have undeniable cultural significance. Marbles, Ancient Egyptians, and wise ladies display unique relationships with felines. The most striking Tuxedo Cats have green eyes, according to the designer, so that’s why emerald green rips through this sinuous keycap set.

Given that it’s spook season, and that the set has cute accessories (like deskmats), what isn’t to love?

About KAT:

  • Designed by SP People
  • Produced by Keyreative
  • Profile: KAT
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Dyesub and Air Dyesub

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