KAT Slurp (Group Buy)

$70 AUD

Group Buy Runs from February 1st - March 8th and is scheduled to ship in Q1 2022. What is a Group Buy? 

Any products purchased with Group Buy products will be shipped when the entire order is ready for dispatch. Please note, to ensure all items are readily available when your Group Buy is ready, we always suggest to keep items in orders to the same Group Buy.

[Please do not mix in-stock with Group Buy products, as we cannot guarantee the in-stock items will be available when the Group Buy products are ready to ship and your order will be cancelled. We also cannot edit orders after close of Group Buy or provide Split Shipping. By purchasing this set you agree you have read and understood these terms.]

About the set:

"This set is inspired from Futurama, and the best-selling drink of the universe: Slurm. This highly addictive set represents the luminescent soda encased in a dark blue can with the brand name “Slurm” written in bright pink. I hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed creating it." - twoshoes

Make sure you pickup the deskmats as well!

Also consider the matching cable!

  • Designed by twoshoes
  • Produced by Keyreative
  • Profile: KAT
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Dye Sublimation
  • Made in China

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