SA Maestro (Ended)

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Collection Sculpted Base

Group Buy Ran: September 2022

Designed by: rayhhdailo

"A tasteful set which originally was made in Cherry profile and manufactured by GMK, it has been adapted for Signature Plastics' SA profile, introducing a totally different typing feel and aesthetic to the set.

SA Maestro draws inspiration from vintage piano/classical music primarily composed by all-time famous maestros through history.

This set will have the option to use a uniform set of row-3 keys, meaning each key's sculpt will be identical on the keyboard (this kit is much larger & features more compatability), or alternatively a sculpted TKL kit with a 1-1-2-3-4-3 layout.

The sculpted kit will make the keycaps fit your hand more naturally during use, while the uniform kit will offer a unique typing experience." - Ray


  • MX Compatible – works with Cherry MX switches and MX-style switches.
  • Double shot ABS plastic - Will not fade. 
  • Sculpted SA and Uniform R3 Profiles.
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics in the United States of America.

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