Durock PCB Mount Screw-In Stabilisers V2

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Kit Kit

Make sure you add a soulmate to your order to get the most out of your new stabs!

Durock Stabilisers are regarded by many as the gold standard when it comes to stabs. If you've ever used an off-the-shelf keyboard, or a cheap set of stabilisers, you'll know how frustrating rattly and loud stabilisers can be. These stabs have a sleek clear translucent outer housing and a gold wire - and come pre-clipped so they are ready for immediate use.

The V2 revisions of these stabilisers include a new wire hook, to help prevent wire popping during operational use and maintenance.

  •  Kits include 4 x 2u Stabilisers, as well as 1 x 6.25u Stabiliser and 1 x 7u Stabiliser wire and required screws and washers. This new kit includes both spacebar wires required.
  • 2u Stabiliser Add-ons include 1 x 2u Stabilisers, as well as required washers and screws.

Other Information:

  • Designed for MX Compatible PCBs.
  • PCB Mounting system
  • Nylon PA outer housing with gold plated steel wires and screws.
  • Pre-Clipped, just need to add grease and lube!
  • Now includes washers