Laser Ninja Keyboard Stands

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Size Mini

Laser Ninja makes arguably the best, most aesthetic and sturdiest keyboard stands in the game - bar none. They are constructed of thick slabs of acrylic and secured with heavy duty screws and bushings. The perfect compliment to your desktop and a great way to show off your custom mech.


  • Keyboard support: Anything wider than 21cm is supported, which generally means layouts above 50%. In terms of weight, basically anything on the market - the heaviest board tested was over 7kg.
  • Material and finish: 6mm thick clear acrylic with a silky smooth satin/frosted texture on both sides, that resists dust and fingerprints. This blends into the background so the focus is all on the keyboard.
  • Rubber feet: Custom cut clear 3M rubber feet are pre-applied on each stand, including where the keyboard rests. They are practically invisible.
  • Toolless assembly: Quick and easy assembly using the thumbscrews and nuts, no tools needed. A spare of each is included.
  • Attachments: Lastly is the rail system along the middle piece, the holes and notches are designed for future attachments. Examples include support for split boards, floating nameplate and holding other devices.