DSA Petrikeys (Ended)

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Kit Alphas

Group Buy ran from April 16th - May 16th 2021

 About the set:
"DSA PetriKeys, is a keycap set inspired by bioluminescent petri dishes. The gradient colors were chosen based off of the greens and blues I found in bioluminescence. The white balances everything out while alluding to the image of a clean laboratory. All of the mod icons are custom, and are based off of the rounded shapes of the petri dishes" - Yoojin

Designed by Yoojin.

About the Keycaps:

  • MX Compatible – works with Cherry MX switches and MX-style switches.
  • DSA Profile.
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics.

    The images shown are renders of the product and are only used to estimate the final product. The end product may vary in color from the renders as they are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate to the end product. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the above terms and the Group Buy/Pre-Order and Refund Policy found here.