Durock PCB Mount Screw-In Stabilisers V2

$6 AUD

Durock Stabilisers are regarded by many as the gold standard when it comes to stabs. If you've ever used an off-the-shelf keyboard, or a cheap set of stabilisers, you'll know how frustrating rattly and loud stabilisers can be. These stabs have a sleek clear translucent outer housing and a gold wire - and come pre-clipped so they are ready for immediate use.

The V2 revisions of these stabilisers include a new wire hook, to help prevent wire popping during operational use and maintenance.

  •  Kits include 4 x 2u Stabilisers, as well as 1 x 6.25u Stabiliser and 1 x 7u Stabiliser wire and required screws and washers. This new kit includes both spacebar wires required.
  • 2u Stabiliser Add-ons include 1 x 2u Stabilisers, as well as required washers and screws.

Other Information:

  • Designed for MX Compatible PCBs.
  • PCB Mounting system
  • Nylon PA outer housing with gold plated steel wires and screws.
  • Pre-Clipped, just need to add grease and lube!
  • Now includes washers

Due to the plate tolerances of the GMMK Pro these are not compatible and instead C3 stabilisers are recommended.


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