Yunzii YZ98 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Colour Black

SwitchKeys is proud to be representing the Yunzii brand in Australia.

These exceptional value mechanical keyboards introduce a raft of functionality at a great price!

Includes keycaps, as well as Yunzii Milk switches.


  • Product: YUNZII YZ98
  • Type: Vintage Mechanical Keyboard
  • Layout: 98% Layout, 99-Key
  • RGB: South-facing RGB and side lights
  • Color Choices: White, Black
  • Switch Choices: YUNZII Milk Switch
  • Structure: Gasket Mounted
  • Battery: 4600mAh
  • Connection: Wired Type-C/Bluetooth/2.4G Wireless
  • Size of Product: 390*147*39mm/15.35*5.79*1.54 inch
  • Weight of Product: 970.5g/2.14 lb
  • Keycaps: Double-shot PBT Cherry Profile Keycaps
  • Hot Swappable: YES

【98% 99 Keys with Gasket Mounted Structure and Hi-Fi Sound Filling】

The YZ98 is a 98% layout 99-key mechanical gaming keyboard. Come with two acrylic metal badges, the keyboard offers both functionality and aesthetic. The keyboard takes the gasket structure and utilizes a high-quality gasket material to absorb vibrations and eliminate any noise. The YZ98 takes a luxury Hi-Fi sound filling, equipped with IXPE gasket pads, PORON sandwich foam, silicone pads, pre-lubed switches, and stabilizers, reduces hollow sound and fatigue, and provides a pleasant typing feeling, ideal for gamers who like a custom keyboard with superb quality.

【 Tri-mode Wireless Connectivity & Multi-Device Connection: Bluetooth 5.0&2.4G&Type-C】

Featured with a 4600 mAh capacity battery, the YUNZII YZ98 keyboard supports Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and wired connection. And the polling rate of the 2.4gHz wireless mode is up to 1000hz. Compatible with Laptops, iPads, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android. There is not that much connection process, the wireless connection is fast and stable. Fn+Right Alt can check the battery capacity anytime. 2.4G wireless dongle and wired cable are included.

【South-facing RGB and RGB Backlights on Front and Side】

To bring premium RGB backlights to your desk space, the YUNZII YZ98 keyboard has a default of 8 colors, 15 types of keyboard backlights on the front, and 11 types of lighting modes on the side. Users can easily change the RGBs with shortcut keys and custom software. The RGB keyboard takes south-facing LEDs, which better illuminate the keyboard when you're using it in the dark. With the gifted acrylic badges, can get more fun and aesthetics on YZ98.

【NKRO & Hot-swappable Mechanical Keyboard】

YUNZII YZ98 gaming keyboard takes N-key rollover, the ergonomic keyboard can respond to the simultaneous press of multiple keys, helpful for using hotkeys and real-time games. As a customizable mechanical keyboard, this keyboard is fully built in a hot-swappable PCB that supports both 3 or 5-pin mechanical switches. You can freely swap out the stock YUNZII milk switches according to your needs of any MX-style switches without any soldering required and enjoy the fun of DIY keyboards.

【Double-shot PBT Cherry Profile Keycaps & Ergonomic Design】

The YZ98 keyboard takes double-shot PBT keycaps that are made from two layers of plastic molded into each other, eliminating the need for printing, making this keyboard more durable and of higher quality, and the key legends will never fade or rub off. The Cherry profile keycaps have cylindrical tops that conform to your fingertips to increase comfort during typing or gaming. The ergonomic keyboard with the tri-stage keyboard stands allows you to adjust the angle of the keyboard according to your personal preference, providing a more comfortable typing experience.

NOTE:The software can only work on WINDOWS systems.